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1. How soon can I expect to receive my order? We ship Monday - Friday only.   If standard shipping is selected your order will be received within 10 business days of order placement.  If expedited shipping is selected your order will be received within 2 - 3 days of order placement.  For all customers outside the United States orders can be delivered within 14 days with standard international shipping or within 7 days with express international shipping. Awareness ribbon back with tape or pin

2. Are the awareness ribbons assembled? You can purchase the awareness ribbons uncut, precut or pre-bowed.  For the pre-bowed ribbons we now offer the newest innovation in awareness ribbons, a peel and stick adhesive backing This ideal solution does not damage your clothing with pin holes and has incredible holding power.  As a test we ran a 3 mile marathon wearing an adhesive backed bow and it remained 100% secure during the race and for several days after.

3. Can I place an order on the phone? We cannot take orders on the phone, there is too much room for errors with personalized products.

4. What kind of material do you use? The awareness ribbon is made from high quality single face satin and we use a 5/8 width ribbon. Each awareness ribbon is approximately 3-1/2 in height and 2 wide at its widest point assembled. (printing is not washable).  Beware of companies using wording like bridal satin or bridal acetate as these are terms used to mask a very low quality ribbon with a paper like texture.

5. Can you print multiple colors? We can only print in a single color and it must be one of the print colors shown on the order form below.

6. What are the shipping fees? Click the truck graphic at the top right hand corner of the website.

7.  What are your setup charges?  We don't charge a setup fee if you select one of our font styles / available graphics for printing. If custom artwork is submitted there is a $29.00 custom artwork fee.


1.  Ribbon Quantity:

Uncut Awareness Ribbon

Precut Awareness Ribbon

Bowed  Awareness Ribbon

100 - 1400 Uncut Ribbons

$0.20 per ribbon

100 - 1400 Precut Ribbons

$0.25 per ribbon

100 - 450 Bowed Ribbons

$0.50 per bow

1500 - 2900 Uncut Ribbons

$0.15 per ribbon

1500 - 2900 Precut Ribbons

$0.20 per ribbon

500 + Bowed Ribbons

$0.34 per bow

3000 Uncut Ribbons or more

$0.10 per ribbon

3000 Precut Ribbons or more

$0.15 per ribbon


You will need to cut each ribbon yourself

Each ribbon will be delivered in strips

Ribbon is delivered as a bow with adhesive peel and stick backing






2. Adhesive Backed Tape Quantity (OPTIONAL):
$17.00 per roll of adhesive tape (enough tape to make 1,350 awareness bows).  If you ordered the pre-bowed awareness ribbons above you don't need to order the tape, as the pre-bowed ribbons come with the tape already applied.  The tape is a great solution because it doesn't put a small hole in the clothing.  Just peel off the backing and stick it!  As a test we ran a 3 mile marathon wearing an adhesive backed bow and it remained 100% secure during and after the race.
3.  Ribbon Color: Select a ribbon color by clicking on a circle below
 Wine Satin Ribbon Red Satin Ribbon Navy Blue Satin Ribbon White Satin Ribbon Black Satin Ribbon Royal Blue Satin Ribbon
Wine Lavender Red Navy White Black Royal Blue
Yellow Satin Ribbon Forest Green Satin Ribbon Silver Satin Ribbon Light Satin Ribbon Pink Satin Ribbon Purple Satin Ribbon Ivory Satin Ribbon
Yellow Forest Green Silver Light Blue Pink Purple Ivory
Hot Pink Satin Ribbon Gold Satin Ribbon Irish Green Satin Ribbon        
Hot Pink Gold Irish Green        
4.  Text / Print Color:  Select a print color by clicking on a circle below
  Metallic Silver Matte Black Matte Pink
Click the image to the right to view color combinations that we can and can not print
Metallic Gold  Metallic Silver Matte Black Matte Pink
Matte White Matte Green Matte Brown Matte Grey
Matte White Matte Green Matte Brown Matte Grey
Matte Gold Matte Purple Matte Sky Blue Matte Royal Blue
Matte Gold Matte Purple Matte Sky Blue Matte Royal Blue
5.  Font Code (leave blank if only a logo is desired):
  Click here to view available fonts


6 Only complete if you are submitting custom artwork:
  • The cost is a one time charge of $29.00; this charge would not apply to any reorder of the same logo on the same width ribbon.

  • Please email your custom artwork to sales@ribbonwarehouse.com  If for technical reasons we are unable to get a clean impression of your custom artwork, your order will be fully refunded at your request or you may submit other artwork at no additional charge.

  • We prefer EPS files but can also accept a high resolution PDF, PSD, AI or JPEG (Minimum DPI of 300).  

  • We can only print in one color and it must be a print color from our order form.

7.  Ribbon Personalization:  We can print the text  on just the left tail of the awareness bow or on the left and right tail of the awareness bow

Imprint on Left Tail of Bow (when looking at bow):

(Optional) Imprint on Right Tail of Bow (when looking at bow):

8.  Would you like to order a photo proof?
Would you like a photo proof of your ribbon sent to you via email ($16.00)?  The photograph we email you will be your actual ribbon personalized the way you have requested.  Your approval will be required via email before we send your order in for production.
Please type your email address below to confirm that all of the above personalization is correct.  If there are any questions about your order we will contact you at this email address, so please check your email regularly.  Also, click the image to the right to ensure that you have selected a ribbon color/print color combination that is listed as a combination that we CAN print.

We now offer awareness  to show support for events such as: aids, autism, diabetes, lyme disease, cancer, breast cancer, leukemia, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, down syndrome, suicide, skin cancer, HIV, lupus, eating disorder, prostate cancer, Alzheimer's, melanoma, colon cancer, lymphoma, mental health, abuse, stroke, infant loss, ms, brain cancer, fibromyalgia, prematurity, epilepsy, sexual assault, child abuse, deaf, childhood cancer, Amish Support, Anti-Terrorism, Gang Prevention, Gun Control, Melanoma, Mourning,  Narcolepsy, POW/MIA, Skin Cancer, Sleep Apnea, Sleep Disorders, Students for Gun Control, Trauma  Loss of a Brother, Loss of a Male Child, Anti-Terrorism, Mourning a Brother, Mourning a Son, Loss of a Female Child, Loss of a Sister, Mourning a Daughter, Mourning a Sister, Rare Disease, Carcinoid, Neuroendocrine Tumor, Ehler-Danlos Syndrome, Alzheimer's Disease, Animal Abuse, Antitrypsin Deficiency, Chiari Malformation, Colitis, Crohn's Disease, Cystic Fibrosis, Domestic Violence, Fibromyalgia Leiomyosarcoma, Lupus, Multiple System Atrophy, Pancreatic Cancer, Religious Tolerance, and violence awareness ribbon.

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